“Graves somehow manages to remain a hundred times more relevant and believable than any consummate professional should ever be able to.”
Everybody’s Reading Festival

‘Blisteringly brilliant”
Cheltenham Poetry Festival

“I really enjoyed Citizen Kaned. There wasn’t a bad one in there”
Alan Moore (author of Watchmen, V for Vendetta)

‘A breath of fresh air’
Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze

“Light at the End of the Tenner is like finding a great lost Roger McGough collection in a box in the loft”
Jim Bob (Carter USM)

“Hip, edgy takes on pop culture and the dark underbelly of lace city”
Ash Dickinson

“Nut shelling multicultural identity, taking defined, rhythmic steps, towards the colours, textures and rhythms of inner city life”
Eve Makis

” A proficiencey with rhyme and stanzaic structure that Tony Harrison might be proud of”
Stand Magazine

“Blew the audience away! His poems are tender, political and full of life. He performs from the heart and leaves the audience wanting more.”
Poetry Island

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